Arkwright Designs offers a full line of
Services including:

    Jewelry Repair
    Jewelry Refurbishing
    Restringing of Beaded Jewelry

If you'd like an old piece of jewelry from grandma made to look
like new...we can do it!

If you have an old pendant and want it made into a beautiful new
necklace we can do that too!
Never Forget "911"

Original Oil Painting
by Sue Arkwright
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"Special Services"
We're here to help!
Our Shipping Policy

We ship US Postal Service First Class unless other arrangements are
made.  There will be additional shipping and handling charges for
Priority Mail, Overnight Delivery, International Shipping and other
unusual requests according to the rates at the US Post Office and there
may also be a small handling fee applied.  Generally we will confirm
shipping and handling fees with you before your product is sent.  

If you have any questions about shipping and delivery or turn-around
time please call Sue at (925) 516-4677 to make arrangements.  We will
do our best to meet your needs!
Arkwright Designs
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Phone:  (925) 516-4677  Sue Arkwright

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