Arkwright Designs now offers personalized jewelry we call
"Wearable Art"!

Pateras are recessed pendants and links that can hold pictures, charms and other small
imbellishments that are encapsulated in a polymer resin.

Each piece is unique in its own design so you have a very personalized piece of jewelry.  
Following are some examples of what you can do with Pateras, but the designs are limitless!
Patera Photo Pendants

You have your choice of rounds, hearts,
squares or rectangle pendants and they come
in a variety of sizes.

We can make hand beaded chains with
Swarovski Crystals and also have snake
chains, silver and gold chains and leather
Patera "Friends" Bracelets

These are great graduation gifts or give them to a
special friend.  

The bracelet is made of hematite beads and
comes with either a lobster or toggle clasp. A
hematite heart or star is dangled as an accent.

The Pateras come in your choice of heart, square
or oval and includes photo installation.

This necklace uses a silver oval Patera Pendant with
blue accent Swarovski crystals as imbellishments.

The price for this necklace is $50.00, or we can install
your own photo at no additional cost!

Matching Swarovski earrings are $10.00
Featured Artist Sherry Cummings

Shown here is the art works of Sherry Cummings of
DragonStar Creations.  Sherry specializes in floral watercolors
so we've created a Patera with one of her beautiful iris
paintings as shown at the left.

To learn more about sherry or to see a full array of her works
please go to her website at
The designs are endless!

Add your own photo for a personalized
piece of jewelry.
We can also make key chains in your
choice of squares, hearts or ovals.

Patera Key Chains   $15.00
Patera Bracelets and Necklaces come in gold, silver and copper and can  be
embellished with crystals, pearls, shells and gemstones.

Be creative and come up with your own design!

Scroll Down for More Patera Ideas
Patera Gold Moon & Stars Set  $60.00
Heart Paris Patera $50.00
Pet Photo Bracelets  $25.00

Your Pet's Picture Installed!
Vintage Floral Pendant  $50.00
Vintage Woman $50.00
Eiffel Tower Pendant Set   $60.00
Logo Pendants

Your Company Logo Installed!

Call for Price Quotation
Custom Mom's Photo Pedants

Your Child's Photo Installed

Makes a Great Gift!!
Never Forget "911"

Original Oil Painting
by Sue Arkwright
"911" Pendant Set   $60.00
Child's Patera Photo Pendant

An example of how we can create a
personalized pendant of your child or
Let us design something special
just for you!
Call (925) 516- 4677 to Place Your Order
Coin Patera Bracelets  $25.00
Shown here is another example of how
we can be creative with Patera

The copper bracelet holds a British
1989 twenty pence coin and the bracelet
below it holds five 1943 Australian
three pence coins.  
Oval Patera Pendant Set  $60.00
This graduation photo was taken by professional
photograper, Jennifer Fink and is a great example of what
can be done with Patera Photo Pendants.

To go to Jennifer's website and see additional examples of
her work go to
Generations Photography
Paris Patera Photo Pendant
Copper Lady Pendant Set  $60.00
"Beach Babes" by Sherry Cummings