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Custom Beaded Clothing
Jewelry Made from Vintage Beads
Banner by Sherry Cummings -
Many of our vintage beads are from
Barbara Frantz's mother Tess who
had them stored for years.

They have now surfaced to be made
into beautiful jewelry!

To Learn more about Tess please go
Vintage Swarovski Crystal Set

This beautiful set made with a
combination of new and vintage
Swarovski crystals is a statement piece.

It can be made in one or two strands
with your choice of colors.

Please email for pricing and  
availability at
We also do custom beading
on clothing.  Please call if
you are interested in getting
a quote.  We can stitch beads
around the cuffs and pockets
of your jeans and add feather

Email Sue at
Custom Feather Earrings Available
Antique Cameo Set    
"Not for Sale"

This pendant was handed down
to me from my grandmother and
I created a necklace to
compliment the details of the

If you have an antique pendant
you would like made into a
necklace please let me know
and we'll create something
beautiful together!
Vintage Butterfly Pendant

The vintage butterfly pendant is made of
dark green jade and red coral.  The
matching beaded chain uses
complimentary vintage beads, coral and
peanut seed beads.   It is 18" in length and
comes with a gold filled lobster clasp.

The pendant can be removed and is
convertible into a broach.
Butterfly Pendant Necklace  $60.00

Vintage Button Watch

Made from vintage Czech
glass buttons and Swarovski
crystals.  The marcasite watch
face compliments the vintage
look.  Size 6"- Small

Can be resized-call for details
Vintage Button Watch   $50.00

Brass & Czech Glass Necklace Set

This set is made of black Czech glass 8 mm
roundelles and small black Czech glass
beads surrounded by brass end caps.

The necklace is 17.5" and comes with
matching dangle style vintage brass
earrings with matching black glass beads.
Vintage Brass & Black Set              $50.00

Vintage Pendant Set

This Vintage Pendant Set is made of a turquoise
resin set in sterling silver.    

The beaded chain is made of Vintage Czech
glass beads, fresh water button pearls and 8 mm
magnesite round beads and measures m 18" in
length and comes with matching earrings.

Below you can see the detailing of the pendant
both front and back.  The inscription says India
and .925 indicating it is made of sterling silver.
Vintage Magnesite & Pearl Pendant Set   $69.95

By The Sea Vintage Necklace Set

This set is made of all sorts of fun colors of
the sea with some clear crystals for sparkle,
and comes with matching earrings.
Length 18"                                        $30.00
Vintage 3-Strand Necklace Set

Made with hundreds of vintage seed beads
in varying shades of reds, blues and golds
this necklace has alternating stars to give it
spark and comes with matching earrings.

VNS-005           $30.00
Vintage 3-Strand Multi-color  
Necklace Set

Made with hundreds of vintage seed beads
in varying shades in all colors of the
rainbow this necklace has alternating pink
and purple flowers to give it interest and
comes with matching earrings.
3-Strand Multi Color Set  $30.00

Vintage Purple Heart Necklace

This gorgeous necklace features an antique
gold heart with a purple glass stone as the
centerpiece.  The chain is made of brass
with Purple Haze Swarovski crystals and
tiny 4 mm purple round seed beads.

Shown below is a close up of the heart.

VN-007                                           SOLD
Vintage Black & Silver Set

VNS-011     $35.00
Vintage Native American Look Set

Pendant is made of mother of pearl and it
comes with colorful glass beads in red,
orange and lavender.  

VNS-008      $55.00      
Vintage Triangular Pendant Set

This cute set is made of vintage seed beads with
a vintage style pendant and complimented by
silver beads and spacers.

VNS-009                $45.00
Vintage Garden Necklace Set  

Materials: Swarovski crystals, vintage
seed beads and vintage floral pendant.    
VNS-010       $50.00