Barefoot Sandals - Foot Jewelry
We can make literally hundreds of different styles of Barefoot
Sandals so please call to place a custom order.

There will be variations in the beads used and they may not look
exactly like the photo, as bead stock changes from time to time.  
Sea Blue Barefoot Sandals

# BS005           $30.00 Pair
Purple & Silver Foot Jewelry

Item Number BS006   $30.00
Pink & Black Barefoot Sandals

Item Number BS007  $30.00 Pair
Pastel Swarovski Crystal Sandals

Item Number BS008   $40.00 Pair
Peacock Gold Foot Jewelry

Item Number BS009   $30.00 Pair
Hematite & Silver Heart Barefoot Sandals

Item Number BS010   $30.00 Pair
Jasper & Pearl Foot Jewelry

Item Number BS011   $35.00 Pair
Turquoise Blue Barefoot Sandals

Item Number  BS012  $30.00 Pair
Barefoot Sandals
and Foot Jewelry
Wear them for your beach wedding!
Mother of Pearl Barefoot Sandals

# BS013  $40.00
Wear them by the pool or on your boat!
If you order online you can only order one pair at a time.  
To order multiple pairs please email Sue and be sure to
include your phone number:
"To see our more Wedding
Barefoot Sandals, click on
the picture above."
Wear them at the Beach!
Barefoot Sandals make
great gifts!
Scroll down to see
ways to wear and
enjoy your
Barefoot Sandals!
Wear them for Pilates or Yoga Class
Email Sue to  Place your Custom Order
Made of strong and stretchy jewelry
wire for a comfortable fit!
Wear them for your
Special Day!
Sizing information:

Each pair of barefoot sandals is custom made according to your shoe
size.  You may give me your size when ordering or I can email you
for your shoe size after you have placed your online order.

There will be an additional charge for any size above women's size 10
on the USA shoe sizing chart.

Delivery Information:

There will be an extra handling charge for special orders not shipped
by the US Post office.  Please see the "Contact" page for details.