Arkwright Designs
On this page you will find jewelry that has been
revamped and refurbished and remade into something
entirely new and exciting!

Here are real testimonials from some of our customers.

We will take an old or antique piece of jewelry and
remake it into an updated piece of jewelry you will be
proud to wear.
From Lonnie Veitch:

I wanted to thank you for redesigning my
Rhodocrosite beads into a necklace that is a better
match for my current look than their previous
incarnation.  Though the beads were lovely, the
necklace was too short and very plain.  I love the length
and sparkle of the new necklace, and the matching
bracelet and earring make it more likely that I will wear
the beads.  I keep taking them out and looking at them.  
They make me smile!  

Thanks again,

Lonnie Veitch

This strand of
Rohodcrosite beads
measured about 18"
and the necklace was
very plain.
I disassemble the necklace and added 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals with an AB
finish so it would sparkle.   I placed a 6mm fresh water pearl between the crystals to
make it interesting.  Lonnie wanted the necklace extended to 23", so with the addition
of the crystals and pearls I had enough Rhodocrosite beads left over to make her a
pair of earrings and a bracelet giving her an entire matching set!
After -
Dear Sue,

"Thank you so
much for all your
hard work in helping
me make my
wedding complete.  
From the barefoot
sandals for the
brides to the girls
dresses and all the

Your talent and
time were and are
very much

Much Love,
Hello Sue,

I just got back from choir practice
and your package was waiting for me
in my mailbox. I must admit, I was a bit
nervous opening it. I was afraid I'd be
disappointed with my decision.
But, when I saw the crystals
sparkling against the silver - through
the green mesh bag - as I pulled it
from the envelope, I's just as
gorgeous as EVER!!!
Perhaps even more so, because it is
better suits my taste.


Thank you so much!